1 Dollar To Ghana Cedis: Ghana Forex Bureau Rates For October 20, 2022

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Advertisement publishes the latest updates of Ghana forex rates obtained from Forex Bureaus in the country. Today’s rate is obtained from Afriswap Bureau De Change’s website.

1 Dollar to Ghana Cedis on October 20, 2022, is GHS14.00.

The table below shows the forex rates for the major currencies against the Ghana Cedis for October 20, 2022.





US Dollar – USD $ 14.00 14.30
Pound Sterling – GBP £ 14.90 15.30
Euros – EUR € 12.90 13.20
Canadian Dollar – CAD $ 8.40 10.00
Nigerian Naira 16.00 18.50
South African Rands – ZAR 0.45 0.80
West Africa CFA – XOF 17.50 19.00

Published rates could differ from actual rates at forex bureaus as rates change several times in a day. We try our best to update the rates as and when they change. Refresh this page anytime you want to see the latest rates for the day.

Buy means rates forex bureaus to buy foreign currencies from customers while Sell is the rate forex bureaus sell foreign currencies.

Note that small denominations are purchased by Forex Bureaus at lower rates and currencies printed before certain years are not accepted by some forex bureaus.

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