2Face Idibia Replies Those Insulting Him For Endorsing A Bill To Create Additional Seat For Women

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Veteran Nigerian singer, 2face Idibia, has responded to trolls criticising him for enforcing a bill to create additional seats for women in the legislature.


2face endorsed this move while commenting on a tweet about the bill on Twitter. However, fans who do not agree with this move reigned insults to the singer for supporting the initiative.

A fan who also disagrees with the move mentioned that when more seats are given to women in the legislature, the government will have to incur more cost to pay their salaries while the country needs money for infrastructural development.



Responding to these comments, 2Face said,

“So as I just support something, we must debate am for here. I appreciate positive inputs even if it’s not for but why do some of u have to insult and go so negative in your comments. I wonder how u will act if u enter a power position. Becos na glimpse be this”.

See the post below;

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