8 Passengers Biography And Net Worth

8 Passengers is a famous Youtube comic channel which is owned by Ruby Franke.


8 Passengers was born Ruby Franke on January 18, 1982, in Utah of the United States of America. Her parents are Chad and Jennifer Griffith. She is the oldest among five siblings.

8 Passengers should be a graduate by now looking at her age, but she has not disclosed the schools she attended.

8 Passengers started her YouTube channel in 2015 in an attempt to show the world the value of a closely-knit family and motherhood. Her first video was called ‘The Making of Eve’ which was uploaded in January 2015.

8 Passengers has been able to cultivate over 2.4 million subscribers on her channel so far and shared 1,400 plus videos.


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8 Passengers net worth

8 Passengers are estimated to have a net worth of $3 million. Youtube is her known and only source of income. She makes money each day from ads that run on her videos.

Source: abtc.ng