Media Personality, Etinosa Idemudia, is set to give a price makeup and hairstyling price to any of her followers.

It is directly for female fans who would get married in February. This month is considered the month of pure love. Hence, much love is shown to people to appreciate their worth. She has decided to do free makeup and hairstyling for a bride who would marry in February. This is to help give away her love to her followers. However, she based that on-location conditions.

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To her, one can have access when in Benin or Warri without having to pay anything. Despite the trolls and controversies that got sparked after delivering her daughter, she has chosen to be more generous to her people.

Etinosa Idemudia

The talented actress has decided to let go of the shades she received for giving birth out of wedlock. Recall she was lambasted on several occasions for giving birth without getting married.

Her caption reads:

“Who is getting married in February- The Month of Love?? Location: Benin or Warri??
One beautiful February bride will get free makeup and hairstyling from me”

Check her post below:

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