A Look Into The Educational Background Of Carmen Ejogo

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Born on October 22, 1973, in the Kensington neighborhood of London, England, Ejogo is the eldest child and only daughter of a Scottish mother, Elizabeth, and Nigerian father, Charles.

She is one of the actresses who proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the television and film industry both in the United Kingdom and the United States, often playing the strong woman who didn’t take grief from their male counterparts.


Carmen started her TV career at a very early age and by age 16, she had her own show on TV. She, therefore, has a number of enviable awards for the strides she has made in the entertainment industry being an actress, singer, and model.

In education, Carmen attended the Oratory Roman Catholic Primary School and Glendower Preparatory School. At age 13, she made her film debut in the new wave musical “Absolute Beginners” (1986), starring David Bowie.

Carmen then went to study Performance at Godolphin and Latymer School. From this level, she zoomed into full acting and singing and thus, no record of her continuing her education.

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