Accidentally Paid 300 Times His Salary: Man Disappears

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According to reports, a worker in Chile filed his resignation and was nowhere to be located after his employer unintentionally paid him around 330 times his wage due to a payroll error.

The employee’s remuneration for the month of May was 165,398,851 Chilean pesos ($180,418).

They were a dispatch assistant at the cold meats producer Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos. Only roughly $545, or 500,000 Chilean pesos, were intended to be given to him.

According to the local media outlet Diario Financiero, the employee first informed his manager about the significant overpayment.


Worker vanishes after being accidentally paid £150,000 for a month’s work – 300 times his salary | Via The Sun

The employee was then instructed to visit his bank and repay the excess money after the management reported the situation to human services.

Although he promised to visit the bank the following day, he kept the cash and disregarded his employer’s communications over the following few days.

The man subsequently submitted a letter of resignation to the business, which was sent by his attorney. Since then, the employee has not been heard from, according to Diario Financiero.

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