ACP Agordzo: My Wife Supported Our Family During My Five-Year Unemployment


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Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr. Benjamin Agordzo recently opened up about a challenging period in his life when he faced court actions that halted his career for five years.


During this time, his wife took on the responsibility of supporting their family, showcasing her resilience and commitment.

Dr. Agordzo, along with two military officers, was acquitted of treason charges earlier this year.

Reflecting on his experience in an interview, he emphasized the importance of husbands supporting their wives to enhance their skills and education.

This, he believes, equips them to contribute effectively to the family’s well-being during tough times.

He advised couples to plan for the future beyond the wedding day, urging husbands to involve their wives in financial planning and decision-making.


Benjamin Agordzo
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According to him, fostering an environment where both partners grow professionally and personally ensures stability during crises.

Dr. Agordzo shared his personal journey as an example. Despite starting their marriage with modest means, his wife pursued further education, earning two Master’s degrees while he pursued a PhD.

This mutual investment in education and personal growth, he believes, enabled their family to weather difficult times.

In conclusion, Dr. Agordzo’s story highlights the importance of mutual support and continuous personal development within marriages.

He encourages couples to prioritize education and skill development for both partners, ensuring resilience and shared responsibility in facing life’s challenges together.


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