ACP Agordzo Urges Husbands to Empower Their Wives for Support During Challenging Times


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Retired Police Officer ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzo recently shared valuable advice for husbands during a recent interview.


Reflecting on his own experience, he emphasized the importance of husbands supporting their wives in adding value to themselves through education or trade. This, he explained, prepares them to step up and contribute during challenging times.

ACP Agordzo recounted a personal period of unemployment spanning five years due to legal challenges.

Throughout this tough phase, his wife took charge of family responsibilities because of the skills and qualifications she had acquired even after their marriage.

In his conversation with Johnnie Hughes, ACP Agordzo stressed the need for couples to plan together beyond the wedding day.


Benjamin Agordzo
Photo via 3News

He urged husbands to not only take financial responsibility but also encourage their wives to develop skills that can sustain the family during unexpected hardships.

He cautioned against relying solely on one’s own resources, advising couples to build a shared vision for their future.

Drawing from his own journey from Constable to obtaining a PhD, ACP Agordzo highlighted how both he and his wife continued to advance professionally, illustrating the benefits of mutual support and personal growth within a marriage.

His insights underscored the significance of mutual empowerment and readiness to adapt to changing circumstances, reinforcing the notion that investing in a spouse’s development pays dividends in times of adversity.


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