Kiitan Bukola has taken to social media and explained why some of the Nollywood actresses fight each other over men.

The Nollywood actress took to her official verified Instagram handle and revealed that some of the Nollywood actresses fight each other over men because some useless men happen to the cause of this competition between actresses as they tend to be good men in all actresses dm.

According to Kiitan Bukola, these men go about doing ‘sh!t’ just because they try to keep their marital lives private.

Taking to Instagram, the actress wrote;

Pls some men shld do better stop going into all actresses DM we are all one in the industry ,u can choose another woman from another sector maybe a banker or somewhere else , stop causing issues and making bloggers think actresses are fighting cos of men not knowing its some useless men who pretend to be a good man in all actresses dm, it’s bullshit

Just because we wanna keep our private life private ,we decide not to talk abt our man and this gives some men mind to do shit it’s alarming.