Afua Asantewaa Announces Plans for Second Guinness World Record Attempt


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Afua Asantewaa Aduonum, the Ghanaian who recently made headlines for attempting the Guinness World Record for the longest singing marathon, remains undeterred despite falling short of the achievement.


Completing her impressive vocal feat at 126 hours and 52 minutes last December, Afua aimed to surpass Sunil Waghmare’s 105-hour record set in 2012.

However, her attempt was deemed unsuccessful by the Guinness World Records on February 22, 2024.

Undeterred by this setback, Afua expressed determination to make another attempt, drawing inspiration from Ghana’s national football team, the Black Stars, who persevere despite challenges on the field.

She likened her persistence to that of presidential candidates who continue campaigning after electoral defeats, emphasizing that setbacks are not reasons to abandon her aspirations.


Photo via Asaase Radio

In an interview with GhOne TV, Afua reflected on her journey, acknowledging the disappointment but also the lessons learned.

She expressed gratitude for the support from Ghanaians and stakeholders throughout her ambitious endeavor.

Despite the outcome, Afua remains optimistic about the future, hinting at a potential new attempt after further preparation.

Her resilience and dedication serve as a testament to her unwavering spirit and commitment to achieving her goal, regardless of initial setbacks.

As she continues to reflect on her experience and plans her next move, Afua Asantewaa Aduonum stands as a symbol of perseverance and determination, inspiring others to pursue their dreams relentlessly.


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