Alex Karras Daughter: Meet Katie Karras

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Katie Karras is the daughter of American former football player and actor, Alex Karras.

Photo Credit: Fox News

Katie Karras age

How old is Katie Karras? What is Katie Karras’ age? Katie Karras is 43 years old.


Katie Karras birthday

What is Katie Karras’ birthday? When does Katie Karras celebrate her birthday? Katie Karras celebrates her birthday every January 31.

Katie Karras date of birth

When was Katie Karras born? What is Katie Karras’ date of birth? Katie Karras was born on January 31, 1980.

Katie Karras mother

Who is Katie Karras’ born? Who was Katie Karras born to? Katie Karras was born to Susan Clark.

Katie Karras profession

What is Katie Karras’ profession? What does Katie Karras do for a living? Katie Karras’ profession is not known yet.

Katie Karras husband

Is Katie Karras married? Who is Katie Karras’ husband? Katie Karras’ husband is not known yet.

Katie Karras children

Does Katie Karras have children? Who are Katie Karras’  children? Katie Karras’ children are not known yet.

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