Alex Niedbalski Biography; Net Worth, Age

Alex Niedbalski is a French Businesswoman and the Lesbian partner of American Actress Wanda Sykes. Alex Niedbalski became very popular because of her partner, Wanda Sykes even though she has been a woman who worked hard to earn a living.


Alex Niedbalski was born on 19 February 1974 in France. She was trained by her parents in France and attended her high school and University in France. Alex Niedbalski went to university at ISEG Paris, A business school, where she obtained her Master’s degree in business and marketing.


Alex Niedbalski, after her graduation from the university, ventured into business. She also worked at a global Company, Women Tennis Association (WTA) where she worked as a press assistant. Alex Niedbalski decided to quit her job and concentrate on her business. Her passion for business ended her as a Professional Senior VP of sales at Polycor.


Alex Niedbalski Net Worth

Alex Niedbalski has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Alex Niedbalski makes most of her money through her numerous ventures in business.

Wanda Sykes

Alex Niedbalski with her lesbian partner Wanda Sykes. Source:

Wanda Sykes is an American actress, comedian, and writer. Wanda Sykes is the Lesbian partner of Alex Niedbalski. They both tied their marriage knot in 2008.

Alex Niedbalski Twins

Alex Nieldbalski was once married to a man called Dave Hall, whom she had twins, Olivia Lou and Lucas Claude. It was Alex Niedbalski’s divorce from her ex-husband, Dave Hall that led her to be a lesbian.