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Nigerian comedian Ali Baba has called on the government to intensify its efforts in supporting the creative industry. Appearing as a guest on a recent episode of the Sunrise Show on Channels Television, Ali Baba highlighted the significant role of the creative sector in Nigeria’s economy and the urgent need for its development and support.


During the interview, Ali Baba stressed that the government has not adequately recognized the value of the creative industry, which stands as the second-largest employer of labor in the country, particularly among the youth.

“The creative industry is the second largest employer of labor after agriculture where you have farmers and all that. Then the next largest employer of labor of youths especially in Nigeria is the creative industry. You see, governments over time have failed to realize that this large industry needs development, needs support, and needs structure,” Ali Baba stated.

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He further elaborated on how the creative industry has been sidelined and overlooked in economic discussions, citing the 2022 Nigerian Economic Summit Group as a prime example.


“Two years ago, a forecast of the Nigerian economy in the next five years was looked into by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group and the entertainment and creative industry was not considered. A booklet of about 200 pages was done and the creative industry was not considered. The value of the creative industry in Nigeria is beyond the country,” he explained.

He pointed out that Nigerian artists, particularly musicians like Burna Boy, have significantly contributed to national awareness on the international stage, more so than traditional diplomatic efforts.

“Burna Boy has done a lot more for Nigerian national awareness than any ambassador that has been posted to America, the UK, or any other place. So Nigerian artists are creating national awareness and making other countries know about us than any ambassador would have done,” Ali Baba emphasized.

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