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Born in 1980, Cha Chung-hwa, a South Korean actress, has journeyed through theater, cinema, and television.


Initially, her path diverged after graduating with a Theatre degree from Sangmyung University. She explored other careers like being a shopping mall buyer and interning in PR.

However, her passion for acting ignited in her early 30s, leading her to Daehak-ro, a renowned theater district in Korea.

Through stage productions like “Lunatic,” “Sheer Madness,” and “Suspicious Heungsinso,” Cha refined her skills. In 2006, at 25, she debuted as a musical actress in “Backstreet Story,” impressively portraying multiple roles.

Her dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. Cha earned a Baeksang Arts Award nomination for her compelling portrayal of court lady Choi in the tvN historical drama “Mr. Queen.” This recognition solidified her as a rising star in Korean entertainment.

Cha Chung-hwa’s commitment to diverse roles and captivating performances foreshadows continued success and possibly more awards in the future.


Cha Chung-hwa
Photo via Times of India

Cha Chung-hwa Parents

Cha Chung-hwa was born to South-Korean parents.

Cha Chung-hwa Husband

Cha Chung-hwa has been married to a businessman since 2023. Her husband’s identity remains undisclosed.

Cha Chung-hwa Wedding

Cha Chung-hwa had her wedding ceremony in Seoul on October 27, 2023, amidst few friends and family members.

Cha Chung-hwa Children

Cha Chung-hwa is currently pregnant with her first child.

Cha Chung-hwa Age

Cha Chung-hwa is currently 44 years old. She was born on 28 April 1980.

Cha Chung-hwa Height

Cha Chung-hwa is 1.66 m tall.

Cha Chung-hwa Instagram

Cha Chung-hwa is on Instagram @cchcelestial with 1832 followers.

Cha Chung-hwa Net Worth

Cha Chung-hwa’s net worth is currently unavailable.


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