All Peoples Congress Kicks Off Campaign in Bawku for 2024 Elections


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The leader and founder of the All Peoples Congress (APC) has unveiled plans to support Ghanaian graduates in launching their own businesses through a newly established empowerment fund.


Hassan Ayariga made this announcement during the launch of the APC’s campaign in Bawku, Upper East Region, emphasizing his commitment to creating sustainable job opportunities for Ghanaians.

Ayariga, who was warmly welcomed to Bawku, his ancestral home, chose the location strategically to promote peace in the region.

Addressing supporters, he outlined key policies aimed at tackling unemployment, including the introduction of a graduate financing scheme to facilitate entrepreneurship among recent graduates.

“Our goal is to empower graduates with the means to create their own jobs. We will ensure they have access to the necessary funds to start businesses upon graduation,” Ayariga expressed to the crowd.


Hassan Ayariga / Photo Credit: Modern Ghana

Furthermore, Ayariga highlighted his economic agenda, proposing measures to stabilize Ghana’s currency and boost local industries through agricultural and industrial development.

He pledged to enforce regulations that discourage the use of foreign currencies in local transactions, advocating for a shift towards strengthening the national currency, the cedi.

During his campaign tour, Ayariga and his team visited the Kusaug traditional area, where they sought blessings from the local leader, Zugraan Bawku Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II.

The traditional leader urged Ayariga to maintain a campaign focused on policies and devoid of personal attacks.

The APC leader concluded his Upper East tour by extending the campaign to other constituencies, including Bawku West and Binduri.


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