All to know about Hailey Sole, a Rising Star from ‘Criminal Minds’ to Netflix’s ‘Wet Hot American Summer’


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Hailey Sole, born in Dallas, Texas, USA, developed an interest in acting at the age of four and began her career in the entertainment industry at a young age.


She is a talented young actress known for her roles in various TV series and films.

Hailey’s notable roles include “Betsey Parker” in the TV series “Private Practice” (2008), “Meg Callahan” in the TV series “Criminal Minds” (2014), “Amy” in the Netflix series “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp” (2015), and “Daisy Tyler” in an unknown TV series.

Hailey Sole in attendance for The Official Unveiling Of The New Warner Bros. Studio Tour Expansion, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA July 14, 2015. Photo By: Dee Cercone/Everett Collection

She has also appeared in other TV shows such as “The Middle” (2011), “Harry’s Law” (2012), “Parks And Recreation” (2012), and “Franklin & Bash” (2013).

Hailey Sole is known to be involved in several charity organizations with the help of her parents, including “Habitat for Humanity,” “Helping All Transients,” “Operation Progress,” and “Ahead with Horses.”


She is a dedicated student, attending school full-time while balancing her acting career.

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Hailey is an Honor Award Member of the California Junior Scholarship Federation, which emphasizes high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship.

She also studies Mandarin and Spanish. In her free time, Hailey enjoys singing and spending time with her friends.

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She is involved in various charity initiatives and plans to launch her own organization to teach elementary and middle school children age-specific communication skills and conflict resolution skills to promote kindness and minimize bullying.

As of 2024, Hailey Sole is 22 years old. She has been recognized for her acting work, including a Young Artist Award nomination for her role in “Private Practice.”


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