All to Know about Sean Berube and His Transition from Law Enforcement to Entertainment


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Sean Berube is a remarkable individual who has transitioned from a long career in law enforcement to the entertainment industry.


After serving 30 years in law enforcement, Sean earned a reputation for his commitment and bravery.

However, his passion for storytelling and a dream of a different career led him to explore acting and stunt work.

Motivated by a love for action movies, Sean decided to pursue this new path. He dedicated himself to rigorous training, improving his acting skills, and mastering stunts.

His background in law enforcement provided him with the discipline and fearlessness needed in his new career. Sean’s ability to take on various roles and perform daring stunts has captivated audiences.

In July 2020, after 20 years with the Tucson Police Department, Sean retired and moved to Los Angeles with his wife and children to focus entirely on his acting career.


Sean Berube
Photo via Arizona Daily Star

Sean’s journey from law enforcement to entertainment highlights the importance of following one’s passions and embracing new opportunities.

Sean Berube Parents

Berube was born to Ukrainian parents, but their identities are unknown.

Sean Berube Wife/Girlfriend

Berube is married to his wife Annie.

Sean Berube Children

Berube and his wife Annie have four children, Sean Jr., Guillermo, Hannah and Liam.

Sean Berube Age

Berube was born in Massachusetts, on October 11, 1975. He is currently 48 years old.

Sean Berube Height

Berube is 1.85 m tall.

Sean Berube Net Worth

Berube’s net worth is currently unavailable.


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