Allison Wardle Biography: Net Worth, Age, Husband, Height Of Graham Wardle’s Wife


Allison Wardle is a celebrity wife. Allison Wardle came into the limelight when she got married to Graham Wardle, a Canadian actor, producer and photographer. Graham Wardle is famously known for his lead role in the Heartland movie and The Vessel With Friends.

There have not been more information about Allison Wardle to the public leaving room for media scrutiny. We have not had a sit-down interwoven with her and we believe when it comes off we could flesh out the details about her.

Allison Walker. photo credit – soundclound

Allison Wardle Net Worth

Allison Wardle net worth is $3 million. She works as a professional photographer revealed by her husband, Graham Wardle. Because she no information about her unknown to the public, Allison Wardle net worth is estimated to be the same as her husband, Graham Wardle, $3 million.


Allison Wardle Age

Allison Wardle is believed to be in her mid-thirties.

Allison Wardle Height

How tall is Allison Wardle? Allison Wardle is 5 ft 2 inches. She is a bit shorter than Graham Wardle who is 5 ft 5 inches.

Allison Walker. photo credit – Tuko

Allison Wardle Husband

Allison Wardle is happily married to Graham Wardle a Canadian Actor, Photographer and Producer. The couple tied the knot in April 2015.