Ambulance Purchase Trial: Gyampo Calls for Yoni Kulendi to Testify as a Subpoenaed Witness


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A senior lecturer in political science at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo, has called for Supreme Court Justice Emmanuel Yoni Kulendi to testify in the ongoing trial concerning the purchase of ambulances.


This request stems from allegations that Justice Kulendi was involved in a meeting between Attorney-General Godfred Dame and the trial’s third accused, Richard Jakpa.

Prof. Gyampo emphasized the importance of hearing Justice Kulendi’s side of the story to uphold fairness and public trust in the judicial process.

He criticized any reluctance to subpoena Justice Kulendi, arguing it would undermine public confidence and appear hypocritical.

The controversy arose when Richard Jakpa accused the Attorney-General of pressuring him to testify against Dr. Ato Forson.


Justice Yoni Kulendi
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However, the Attorney-General’s office countered, claiming Jakpa unexpectedly confronted Dame at Justice Kulendi’s residence.

This incident was reportedly captured in a 16-minute audio recording released by the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In response to these developments, the High Court has admitted the contentious audio recording as evidence in the trial.

Justice Efia Serwah Asare-Botwey, presiding over the case, dismissed a mistrial request by Dr. Ato Forson’s legal team, noting that the recording did not reveal any instructions from Godfred Dame to implicate Ato Forson.

The court scheduled June 13 for a final decision on the admissibility of the leaked audio recording, underscoring ongoing legal scrutiny and public interest in the ambulance procurement trial.


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