Ann Gloag Child Trafficking: Stagecoach Co-Founder Charged With Human Trafficking Offences

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American businesswoman and stagecoach co-founder has been charged with human trafficking offenses along with her husband and two other family members. According to sources, she was charged after she willingly went to the Falkirk police station with her husband David McCleary for an interview on January 19, 2023.

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Ann Gloag strongly disputes the malicious allegations that have been made against her, her foundation, and members of her family. She would vigorously defend herself and the work of her foundation to protect her legacy and continue her work helping thousands of people in the UK and abroad every year,” reports said.


According to the police, the four people were charged in connection to human trafficking and immigration offenses. A spokesperson of the family shared that a report would be sent to the Scottish prosecutors.

Everybody is bewildered by these accusations and the level of this investigation. It is deeply ironic that Dame Ann actually funds an Eastern European charity called the Open Door Foundation whose job it is to stop the trafficking of poor women into sex crimes. She is very attuned to the real dangers that going on in this world. This is bizarre. We are dealing with technicalities. There are countless people who are stepping forward to support Dame Ann from around the world,” a close source revealed.

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