Annabel Croft Shares Late Husband’s Thoughts on Strictly Partner Johannes Radebe


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Annabel Croft, the former tennis player who is currently participating in the latest series of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, has shared poignant insights into her late husband Mel Coleman’s thoughts on her dancing partner, Johannes Radebe. The 57-year-old tennis star, who lost her beloved husband in May after 30 years of marriage, revealed how her husband was emotionally moved by watching Johannes on the popular dance competition.


Mel Coleman, a father of three children—Charlie, Amber, and Lilly—passed away at the age of 60 after a brief battle with stage three cancer. The tragic loss inspired Annabel to take part in Strictly Come Dancing, as the competition provided a much-needed distraction from her grief during this challenging period.

Annabel took a moment to open up about her late husband’s connection to the show. She expressed how Mel had always loved Strictly Come Dancing and was particularly touched by Johannes’s performances. According to Annabel, Mel would often gather the family around the screen to watch Johannes dance, getting emotionally involved in the show.

Regrettably, Mel passed away before he could witness Annabel’s dance journey on Strictly. Annabel’s words reflect the deep emotional connection she and her family had with the show and how much Mel’s presence is missed during this experience.


Annabel is set to dance the Jive to “Still Feel It” by Portugal The Man with her partner Johannes Radebe, who is known for his incredible energy, kindness, and teaching skills. The Strictly star has found joy and solace in dancing as she copes with her loss.

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Annabel’s participation in Strictly Come Dancing alongside other contestants like Adam Thomas, Angela Rippon, and Zara McDermott allows her to explore her love for dance and offers a respite from grief. The show has provided her with the opportunity to experience the joy and freedom of dance, taking her back to her childhood in many ways.

Dancing has been a therapeutic escape for Annabel as she navigates the challenging period following her husband’s death. It allows her to take her mind off her difficulties and focus on the joyful moments that dance brings. Her journey on Strictly Come Dancing has helped her find a sense of purpose and has boosted her spirits during a tough time.

Annabel Croft’s journey is a poignant reminder of how dance can be a healing force during challenging times. While her husband’s absence is deeply felt, the support of her family and her dance partner, Johannes Radebe, has provided Annabel with an outlet for joy and expression, making her husband’s memory an integral part of her dance journey.


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