Arabella Rose Kushner At Ivana Trump Funeral

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Arabella Rose Kushner, who is the granddaughter of Donald and Ivana Trump was believed to have attended the funeral service of her late grandmother, along with other family members.

Ivana Trump cause of death

How did Ivana Trump die? What happened to Ivana Trump? Ivana Trump reportedly died from “blunt impact injuries” to the torso, according to medical examiners of New York City.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ivana Trump age at the time of death

How old was Ivana Trump when she died? What was Ivana Trump’s age at the time of death? Ivana Trump was 73 years old when she died.


Ivana Trump death

When did Ivana Trump die? Ivana Trump died on July 14, 2022.

Ivana Trump

Who was Ivana Trump? Ivana Trump was the former wife of ex-president Donald Trump. She was a Czech-American businesswoman who doubled as a fashion designer and model.

Ivana Trump children

Who are Ivana Trump’s children? Ivana Trump had three children, all fathered by Donald Trump. The children are Donald Trump Jr. Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump.

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