Are Brandy Clark and Terri Clark related?


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Country music stars Brandy Clark and Terri Clark may share a surname, but they’re not kin. Brandy, a native of Morton, Washington, and Terri, from Medicine Hat, Alberta, have each made a name for themselves in country music.


Brandy, born Brandy Lynn Clark in 1975, is praised for her thoughtful lyrics, with albums like “12 Stories” and “Your Life is a Record” earning critical acclaim.

Meanwhile, Terri, born Terri Lynn Sauson in 1968, gained fame in the 90s with hits like “If I Were You” and “Poor Poor Pitiful Me.”


Brandy Clark
Photo via Los Angeles Times

Although their careers have brushed against each other in Nashville, they’re not family. Despite initial assumptions, they’ve clarified the absence of a blood tie.

Nevertheless, they share a mutual respect and have occasionally joined forces on stage.

So, when you tune in to their tunes, remember: these two artists, though unrelated, have each charted their own distinct courses in the realm of country music.


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