Are Maneskins related? Who writes Måneskin songs?

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Måneskin is an Italian band featuring vocalist Damiano, bassist Victoria, guitarist Thomas, and Ethan on drums. They took their band name from the Danish word for ‘moonlight’, as a tribute to their bassist Victoria’s home country.

Måneskin have won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 PHOTO: EBU / ANDRES PUTTING

Are Maneskins related?

The Members of the Maneskin Band have known each other since Middle School. It is in that regard that they are able to put together a formidable group that is making waves in Italy and beyond.

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Who writes Måneskin songs?

Each of the members plays a very vital role to get their songs out for their fans to enjoy.

The 4 members Damiano, Victoria, Thomas, and Ethan personally write all their songs. The text is written by Damiano while the music is by Ethan, Victoria, and Thomas.

Songs can come from a chord on Thomas’ guitar or Victoria’s bass, from a text by Damiano, or from Ethan’s drums.

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