Arsenal Executive Vice Chair Tim Lewis Expresses Gratitude and Unity in Message to Supporters


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Arsenal Football Club’s Executive Vice Chair, Tim Lewis, has shared a heartfelt message on behalf of the Board, expressing gratitude to the club’s supporters and reflecting on a remarkable season. The message was posted on the official website of Arsenal,, as a token of appreciation for the unwavering dedication shown by fans throughout the campaign.


Lewis acknowledges the incredible atmosphere created by the club’s supporters at Emirates Stadium, describing it as an extraordinary experience unlike anything seen before. The new anthem sung by 60,000 passionate fans has become a unifying force, fueling the players and forging a special connection between the team and the fans, both locally and worldwide.

The Executive Vice Chair extends sincere thanks to everyone associated with the club, from the owners to the loyal supporters, for their unwavering support provided to the teams and staff throughout the season. With the resolute backing from owners Stan and Josh Kroenke, Arsenal aims to reset during the summer break and strengthen the squad for the upcoming season, building on the achievements of the current campaign.

The return of Arsenal’s men’s team to the Champions League is hailed as a significant accomplishment, and the club acknowledges the need to rise to the challenges that lie ahead. The anticipation of Tuesday and Wednesday nights under the Emirates Stadium floodlights fills the message with excitement and a sense of unity.


The Board also expresses its admiration for the remarkable efforts of all individuals involved with the club. While the focus often falls on the managers, coaches, and players, the energy, positivity, and commitment demonstrated by every staff member on a daily basis are recognized and greatly appreciated. The transformative spirit and energy that now permeate the club are highlighted as a testament to the collective passion and hard work of everyone involved.

Additionally, the away supporters receive applause from the Board for their unwavering dedication and vocal presence at matches, both in the United Kingdom and across Europe. Their consistent support has not gone unnoticed and is highly valued by the club’s management and players.

In closing, the Board wishes all supporters a fantastic summer and looks forward to welcoming them back to Emirates Stadium in August. Furthermore, they express anticipation for the upcoming pre-season tour, where they hope to meet and engage with many of their fans based in the United States and those able to travel.

The message from Tim Lewis emphasizes the gratitude, unity, and determination within Arsenal Football Club as they reflect on a memorable season and prepare for the challenges and successes that lie ahead.


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