Arthur Clutterbuck: Facts About Andrew Lincoln’s Son


Arthur Clutterbuck is the son of the renowned British actor best known for The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln.

Arthur Clutterbuck was born in 2010 in London to Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson. Andrew Lincoln is best known for the role he played as Rick Grimes in the AMC Series The Walking Dead. Gale Anderson is the daughter of Ian Anderson, a member of the renowned British band Jethro Tull.  Arthur Clutterbuck has an elder sister called Matilda Clutterbuck and his great-grandfather is James Anderson.

Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson Image: BiographyTribune

Athur Clutterbuck’s parents, Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson got married on 10 June 2006.


Arthur Clutterbuck Education

Arthur Clutterbuck has a mixed ethnicity, thus; English, Irish, Scottish, Afrikaner and his nationality is English. Presently, there is no information regarding Arthur Clutterbuck’s education but in respect of his age, it is assumed that he is in elementary school.

Arthur Clutterbuck with his dad Image: FamousFaceWiki

Arthur Clutterbuck Net Worth

Arthur Clutterbuck does not presently have a net worth but his father, Andrew Lincoln has a net worth of over $16 million.