Aunty Ramota Does BBL (Video)


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A Nigerian woman has stepped forward with proof, adamantly claiming that Aunty Ramota indeed underwent a BBL surgery.


She posted the video on her TikTok handle, @queenadak_1, where it rapidly gained widespread attention.

She alleged that she was on a movie set with the entertainer and managed to capture a video showcasing her recently enhanced buttocks.

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This has stirred reactions among internet users, especially since just a few days ago, Aunty Ramota refuted rumors of having undergone a BBL surgery.

Watch the video below



It’s true Aunty Ramota did yansh. #queenadak_1 #viralvideo

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See some comments below

@mercyoluchi asked: “She Dey hide the yansh ??😂😂😂😂”

@Bennie🥺 reacted: “Ahhh they put the remaining yansh for belle”

@sommie😍😍 wrote: “E remain make she start to Dey Wear bikini 🤣🤣”

@jenniieexx commented: “Budget friendly yansh 😫😫”

@🦋Mizz Gold🦋🦋 quizzed: “Why the yansh come the strong like that 🤨🤨”

@louisaogidigbegbaje penned: “This post is not encouraging. A lot of ladies died in the past thru BBL, and such surgery should not be allowed anymore Enough of this social media crazy stuff that pushesour ladies to do risky things”



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