Avielle Janelle Hernandez Biography; Net Worth, Age, Sister, Father And Inheritance Of Shayanna Jenkins’ Daughter


Avielle Janelle Hernandez is best known as the daughter of the late Aaron Josef Hernandez, a former American Football tight end for New England Patriot.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez was born on November 6 2012 in Bristol to Shayanna Jenkins and Aaron Josef Hernandez. Avielle Jenelle Hernandez belongs to the mixed ethnicity of Puerto Rican and Italian. Avielle Janelle Hernandez attended Cheryl’s School of Dance in Rhode Island.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez Father

Avielle Janelle Hernandez’s father, Aaron Josef Hernandez Image Credit: TheMercuryNews

Avielle Janelle Hernandez’s father was a suspect in the case of the murder of Odin Lloyd. He was subsequently arrested on June 26, 2013, and charged with the murder. However, after ninety minutes of arrest, he was released by the Patriots.


Aaron Josef Hernandez was later indicted by a grand jury for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Sadly, on April 19, 2017, at 3:05 am Aaron Josef Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell, apparently hanging himself with a bedsheet.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez Sister

Avielle Janelle Hernandez has a younger half-sister called Giselle Guilmette.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez Net Worth

Avielle Janelle Hernandez Image Credit: BioGossip

Avielle Janelle Hernandez has a net worth of about $2 million which she shares with her mother, Shayanna Jenkins.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez Inheritance

Avielle Janelle Hernandez’s father, Aaron Josef Hernandez left behind a 8,130 square foot house in North Attleborough, Massachusetts worth $1.3 million.

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