Bachelor: Has Jesse Palmer And Jessica Bowlin Broken Up?

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You might be wondering why Jesse Palmer and Jessica Bowlin broke up and where they are now after one of the shortest romances in Bachelor Nation history if you watched The Bachelor season 5. Yes the two are no longer together

Jesse was the season 5 Bachelor in 2004, and he was a former NFL player from Toronto, Ontario.

Jesse is the youngest Bachelor in Bachelor Nation history, at 25 years old. He was also the first Bachelor leader who was not an American.


Jesse Palmer Jessica and Bowlin Bachelor-season-5 | Via ABC

Jesse picked Jessica, a student from Huntington Beach, California, as his winner in The Bachelor season 5 finale. A month after their finale aired, the two parted up.

After 17 years, Jesse returns to the Bachelor series as the host of The Bachelor season 26 with Clayton Echard.

In September 2021, ABC revealed Jesse as the host of Clayton’s Bachelor season, three months after Chris Harrison announced his retirement from the Bachelor franchise after 19 years.

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