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Barry Loudermilk Children: Meet Michael Loudermilk, Christiana Loudermilk, And Travis Loudermilk

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Barry Loudermilk is married to Desiree Loudermilk. Together they have three children. All their children are doing well and living their best life with the support of their parents.

Photo Credit: The Epoch Times

Barry Loudermilk Children

  • Michael Loudermilk

Michael Loudermilk is the first son of Barry Loudermilk. Michael became the lead pastor of Christ Community Church. He worked as the College and Singles Director, Mission Pastor and Associate Pastor at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, Texas.


  • Christiana Loudermilk

Christiana Loudermilk is the only daughter of Barry Loudermilk. She gained attention when there were allegations levelled against her father who happens to be an American politician. There isn’t much information about her as she loves to be out of the media.

  • Travis Loudermilk

Travis Loudermilk is the last son of Barry Loudermilk. Travis is said to be a staffer for US Rep, Phil Gingery, a Republican from Marietta.

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