BBNaija 2021: Why Revealing The Wildcards Wasn’t A Good Idea

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The Wildcards twist by Big Brother has been applauded by fans of the Big Brother Naija reality show. It brought its own excitement and aroused interest in the show. I think the Wildcard could have been implemented in a way to put both the housemates and viewers in suspense throughout the show.

Fans in suspense

When Big Brother announced that two wildcards are among the housemates, everyone began guessing. While fans watched the show enjoying all the drama, they also trying to spot who the Wildcards were.

Maria and Pere – bbn party

Housemates now know the Wildcards, what next?

How would the relationship be like between the housemates and the wildcards now? What’s the fate of the wildcards themselves?


As we’ve been told, the wildcards are to remain in the house if they service eviction. These wildcards, in this case, Maria and Pere, will be nominating other housemates for possible eviction. Will they survive eviction should the housemates be given the chance to nominate others? Are they not the ones everyone is going to nominate?

If housemates failed to guess right, they now know who the wildcards are and they won’t hesitate to kick them out.

From the onset, the wildcards have been described as fake housemates planted in the house. The housemates are still going to see them as fake and treat all their actions are fake. Whatever thing they do, even if they genuinely fall in love with someone, they would be seen as acting, just as they did to survive eviction.

The wildcards now have a tough task to convince the housemates that they are no longer fake people but are for real this time around. The Wildcards can’t survive eviction next time.

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    • Agholor comfort Reply

      Waw,all applaud to pere nd my babe Maria she is d best,all d house mates will now be afraid to trust or make any close friendship with dem

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