BBNaija 2021: Yousef Talks Plenty And Ends Up Saying Nothing; Big Brother Tells Him To Summarize


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Yousef has gotten Big Brother Naija fans talking with his long talk during his diary session with Big Brother in the Big Brother house. While housemates who came earlier before him spent few seconds to a minute to answer each question, Yousef literally took the whole day. It got to a point where Biggie had to tell him to summarize what he’s trying to say.


Yousef spoke for a long time but one could not hear or remember anything he said with the exception of giving three answers to a single question. Yousef was asked who he would replace with himself if given the chance to save himself. Though is a tough question and just like the other housemates, Yousef had a difficult time mentioning a name. Despite the struggle in mentioning one of the housemates, he went on to talk, talk, talk, and talk and ended up mentioning two more housemates.

“I will replace myself with Saga”, Yousef said. He gave a lengthy explanation that Saga is the most competitive person in the house. He then had a change of mind and swapped with Pere. Then Big Brother tells him Pere has already been nominated so he’s excluded. “To be honest and true, I will swap myself with Queen”, Yousef changed again with a lengthy explanation that no one remembers.


Social Media Reacts To Yousef’s Diary Session With Biggie

Users ran to social media to express their frustration over Yousef’s plenty talks.

One Twitter user noted that Yousef is very quiet in the house but talkative when with Biggie in the Diary room.


And everyone thought Biggie was asleep.

Yousef is a teacher and some feel worried for his students.


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