BBNaija: “If You Feel I’m Not A Good Friend, Cut Me Off ” – Chi Chi To Phyna


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Chichi has given Phyna permission to choose her stance in being her friend. This fracas ensued following the accusations that Chichi has gossiped about her and Groovy Mono. This has gotten Phyna to be pained because she felt betrayed by her own friend.


Phyna BBNaija

In Phyna’s confrontations, Chichi decided to come all out and let her know what is at hand. Just as Phyna heard from some of the housemates, she decided to spill the truth and explain further. Phyna made it clear to Chichi how she cherished their friendship. If not, they would have gone their separate ways by now.



Chichi seemed to have had enough of the controversies going on. Due to this, Chichi told her to stay away if that’s what she wants. She stated that she wouldn’t want to force her into a friendship she doesn’t like. Hence, if she doesn’t want to be friends anymore, it’s fine by her.

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