BBNaija: Lovey-Dovey Cruises From Lovers, Phyna And Groovy Mono (Video)


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Phyna and Groovy Mono continue to give us amazing content in the house. From day 1, these two have been part of the potential BBNaija finalists who loves to create a scene in reality show.


Phyna BBN

It has gotten them a huge fanbase to give out content for viewers’ attention. The two keep going back and forth in their relationship. This is due to the fact that Groovy Mono is not really into Phyna as he is with Beauty Tukura Etsanyi, his ex-lover.


In the recent videos, Phyna was captured blowing hot on Groovy Mono for ignoring her during the party. According to her, she gets jealous when Groovy Mono takes his mind off her to eye another woman.



There were instances where she attacked him for his actions around Chomzy, the same housemate who was the reason behind Beauty’s disqualification. Groovy Mono made her understand that he didn’t come closer because he is not in the mood and not that he had anything against her.

Phyna BBN

This got Phyna worked up as she was also seen accusing Eloswag for being the reason behind Groovy’s actions. She attributed it to their would have been relationship.

Watch the video below:

Moment Phyna blows hot at Groovy for ignoring her at the party:

Moment Phyna accused Eloswag of being the cause of her fight with Groovy at the party:

Moments the two lovers were spotted having a romantic time in her private lounge as the head of the house:

Moment expressed anger at Groovy Momo for eyeing another woman at the wedding:




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