BBNaija: Moment Phyna Complains Of Groovy And Amaka’s Realistic Romantic Presentation

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Phyna has finally found herself in the jealous state Beauty Tukura Etsanyi was, after starting a relationship with Groovy Mono.

Phyna BBN

The BBNaija Level-up housemate, use to complain about the fact that Beauty was always nagging when she found Groovy with other women. She has now come to understand the reasons behind Beauty’s actions.

Groovy BBNaija

Recall prior to the beginning of Groovy and Phyna’s romantic affair, Groovy sat her down to pinpoint her weakness. He asked if she will be okay seeing him with other ladies and her response was positive.

Amaka BBNaija

The jealousy has finally begun after Groovy and Amaka were given a romantic task to accomplish. Phyna complained about how Groovy looked serious and took up the task to make his own.

Phyna BBN

Out of jealousy, Phyna asked Groovy to find Amaka since he decided to take their romantic task seriously to the point of winning. This determines how the games will slide after the two levels are merged. This is because, Groovy loves to date Chomzy and has already sent a proposal.

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