BBNaija: Phyna Accuses Chichi On Making Moves On Her Man, Groovy Mono (Video)


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Phyna and Chichi’s friendship has started wavering following Groovy Mono‘s eviction. The two housemates are both Edo babes which has drawn them closer to being like real sisters. Apparently, Chichi was in level one and was friends with Chomzy.


Phyna BBN

Following the gbabus that escalated from Chichi and Bella’s hot gossip about Groovy mono, Chichi and Chomzy’s friendship ended. This is where Phyna decided to accept Chchi as her friend after they were spotted ganging up against a housemate.


Prior to the finals, there have been different miscommunications in the house. This is in relation to Phyna’s trust in Chichi and her inability to maintain the friendship. According to Phyna, Chichi had made moves on her man, Groovy Mono.


Phyna BBN

She considered all the conversations Chichi have had so far. According to Chichi, Phyna is a threat to most housemates as she has the potential to win the show. This pushed Chichi to gossip about her which led to Phyna’s reactions about Chichi making moves on her man.


Phyna also gave clear examples of why she thinks Chichi is interested in Groovy. Watch the videos below for more clarification.

Watch the video below:

Watch the moment Chichi mentions Groovy Mono’s name unaware whilst in the house :


Moment Phyna raised more accusations on Chichi to Bella:


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