BBNaija Reunion: Saskay Seems Worse Than Judas, According To JayPaul

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Since the end of the BBNaija 2021 reality show, there seem to be a lot of friendships that have gone down the drain.

During the reunion, Ebuka asked Jaypaul what happened between them after the show, because it seemed like when Jaypaul came out of the House before Saskay, there were a lot of things to face with the outside world about what happened between him and Saskay in the House.


Jaypaul and Saskay

JayPaul explained that Saskay’s lack of acknowledgement about him during her media rounds hurt him so much that he felt she denied him more than Judas denied Christ.

Saskay in her defence mentioned that she has always acknowledged Jaypaul as her friend and she finds it weird that he was making such comments about her.


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