BBNaija Wildcards Meaning And Who Are They?


Big Brother Naija 2021 (BBNaija 2021) came with a twist, Wildcards. Fans of BBN 2021 were left in suspense when Big Brother announced that two wildcards were planted among the BBNaija 2021 housemates. What is BBN wildcard and who are the wildcards in Big Brother Naija 2021? Let’s find out.

BBNaija wildcard meaning

BBNaija Wildcard means fake housemate. Big Brother Naija introduced the wildcards in the BBN Season 6 edition of the reality show. It is currently known if subsequent seasons will have the same twists or new surprises.

The two wildcards, fake housemates, are planted in the BBNaija show by the organizers. The real housemates are tasked to fish out the fake housemates, the wildcards. If they are able to identify the wildcards, they will be evicted. If they are not, the wildcards will continue to stay in the house and play with them to compete for the N90 million grand prize. The wildcards are also given an exclusive privilege to nominate housemates for possible eviction if they are not evicted themselves.


Who are the wildcards in BBN 2021

BBNaija 2021 housemates Maria and Pere are the wildcards in BBN 2021. Until Biggie asked them during a diary section, the wildcards did not know that there was one other wildcard in the house. Maria was able to predict correctly that Pere is the other wildcard. Pere on the other hand predicted Maria and Nini as the other wildcard.


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Wild card meaning in Big Brother Naija

Wild Card in Big Brother Naija means fake housemate. Wild card in BBN is a fake housemate planted among the real housemates. The real housemates are to identify the fake ones and have them evicted. Failure to identify them means they will go ahead to compete for the grand prize with them.

What is wild card in BBN

Wild card in BBN stands for fake housemate in the Big Brother House. Biggie added two fake housemates in the BBN 2021. The other housemates are to identify the wild cards and have them evicted, else they join them in the game to compete for the N90 million prize.


Biography of BBNaija 2021 Wildcards

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