Bees Swarm Stadium Hours Before Germany Faces Hungary


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A swarm of bees caused quite a buzz at Stuttgart Stadium just hours before Germany’s crucial match against Hungary.


The insects made an unexpected appearance on the LED advertising board, prompting a swift response from firefighters.

According to reports, firefighters worked patiently for an hour to safely remove the bees, eventually calling in a skilled beekeeper to handle the delicate task.

This incident follows a recent hornet attack on BBC pundits during halftime at England’s match against Serbia, highlighting unexpected wildlife encounters in sports arenas.


Bee Invasion
Photo via 3News

A spokesman from the fire brigade explained the challenging process of dismantling part of the digital board to access and safely relocate the bees. The stadium’s technical staff lent crucial support during the operation.

For Germany, the timing was crucial as they aimed to build on their strong start in the tournament, having defeated Scotland 5-1.

A victory against Hungary would secure their spot in the next stage. In contrast, Hungary faced a setback with a 3-1 loss to Switzerland earlier in the competition.

The incident served as a reminder of nature’s unpredictable presence in sporting events, adding a unique twist to the preparations and excitement surrounding the ongoing tournament.


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