Behind-the-Scenes Video of Freddie Leonard and Uju Okolie in Bedroom Creates Buzz


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Leonard debuted his career in the Nigerian movie industry in 2001 where he played brief one-scene roles and took a break from acting almost immediately as he debuted to complete his university education and obtain a degree. Upon completing his university education, Leonard returned to the Nigerian movie industry, commonly known as Nollywood, in 2008 and received his first lead role character in a movie titled Indian Doctor.


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Actors Freddie Leonard and Uju Okoli, have caused a stir online with their “behind the scenes” video from their latest movie. Uju Okoli and her colleague, Chioma Okafor, recently collaborated with Freddie Leonard to film his highly anticipated movie, “Man in Love,” which is already generating buzz online.


The film’s behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage which surfaced online, has gone viral, displaying compelling and playful moments between the stars.

In the film, Uju Okoli is seen lying on a bed, exhibiting a mix of charisma until Freddie Leonard, ever the charming provocateur, pulls a pair of red lingerie underwear and instructs her to put them on so they may continue shooting.

The sudden request surprised Uju, but she immediately recovered, saying with a playful defiance, “I can’t wear.



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