Benoni Urey Net Worth

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Benoni Urey is the richest man in Liberia and an astute politician who lost in his bid to be the president of Liberia.

Benoni Wilfred Urey is an Americo-Liberian businessman and politician born on 22 June 1957 to his parents; Daniel Urey and Emma Urey. Much isn’t known about Benoni Urey’s earlier childhood but he had his tertiary education at the Cuttington University and also further his studies at the University of Southern California. Benoni is married to Mai Bright Urey and the two have been married since 1986. The couple; Benoni Urey and Mai Urey have been blessed with four children; Danielle Ashlee Urey, Telia Urey, Jebbeh Naomi Urey and Benita Whitney Urey.


Benito Urey Net Worth

According to Forbes, Benito Urey has an estimated net worth of $33 million, making him the richest person in Liberia. Benito Urey makes his money from his various businesses and investments. He is the founder of Lonestar Cell MTN; Liberia’s biggest mobile network and also he owns Wulki farms; one of the country’s primary indigenous food producers. He has never previously stood for, or held, elected political office.

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