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Biden Interstate Travel: Biden Reluctant In Implementing Measures Due To Fear Of Potential Backlash


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Biden administration is determined to have all Americans vaccinated but wary of implementing certain tougher rules due to fear of possible backlash from the public.


The AP reported that the Biden administration has discussed implementing immediate pressures to curb the spread of coronavirus which include the mandating of vaccines for foreign visitors and empowering school districts in states where Republican governors have blocked local COVID-19 restrictions.

However, the Biden administration is reluctant in making proof of vaccination mandatory for interstate travel as the administration fears backlash from the public and says the policy “would be too polarizing for the moment.”

So if you landed on this page because you wanted to know if there are restrictions on interstate travel, there aren’t yet but they have been discussed. If it happens to be implemented in the future, proof of vaccination would be a requirement for interstate travel by bus, rail, and air.

Biden Administration is considering an interstate travel requirement to force American’s to vaccinate against COVID-19 but is reluctant in implementing due to fear of possible backlash from the public.

Some conservatives responded to the report:


“I’m pro-vaccine. I’m in favor of lots of extraordinary measures to get people vaccinated. But requiring proof of vaccination for interstate travel strikes me as one of the dumbest, most unworkable, and counter-productive ideas out there. I hope it stays on the drawing board,” – Anti-Trump conservative writer Jonah Goldberg.

“Biden’s plan: Limits on interstate travel for Americans. Open borders for illegal immigrants,” – Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton,


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