Blessing CEO Sparks Reactions by Stating Women Prioritize Love and Affection Over Money


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Controversial relationship expert Blessing CEO has sparked an online debate by explaining why many women prioritize love and affection over money.


During her recent TV show, she offered advice to men about how they present themselves in relationships.

Blessing CEO suggested that men should not always be eager to flaunt their wealth when starting a relationship. She emphasized that the way a man begins a relationship sets the tone for its future.

According to her, women value love and affection more than money. This is why, she explained, many married women often seek out younger men who provide them with these emotions.


Blessing CEO

In her words, “Women don’t love money; they love affection. Give a woman money, and she will give it to a boy who shows her love. In Lagos, almost all the wives of wealthy men are dating younger men.”

Blessing CEO’s comments have generated significant discussion online, as people weigh in on her views about relationships and the importance of emotional connection over financial wealth.


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