Bobrisky Questions Nigeria’s Development Amidst Ukraine-Russia Crisis

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Bobrisky has gotten tongues wagging after she commented on the current development of Nigeria as compared to that of Ukraine even with the war ongoing.


According to Bobrisky, some part of Ukraine is still intact with lights all over despite their war with Russia. However, getting a power supply for light in Nigeria is difficult even without a bomb.

Source: Bellanaija

This triggered her fans to applaud her for making sense in her comments for the first time. Ukraine and Russia are in horrific crises which have gotten the citizens of Ukraine in a difficult situation.


Source: Instagram

Both countries are currently not in good shape due to the crises that have aroused in the cities. Nigerians have been complaining bitterly about their state of living the rate at which things are becoming more difficult in their country.


Due to this, some citizens have been comparing their standard of living and development to that of Ukraine even at war.

See her post and some reactions below:


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