Boko Haram In Ghana: What countries are Boko Haram active in?


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Ghana, although surrounded by terror-hit countries, it appears at first glance to have been largely spared from terrorist attacks.


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According to the digital platform, the risk of terrorist attacks in Ghana can be classified as almost insignificant: Over the past five years, the West African nation has recorded two terrorist incidents in which three people were wounded. There were no fatalities.


What countries are Boko Haram active in?

Boko Haram has conducted operations and several attacks in the areas of Cameroon, Chad, and the Niger that border northern Nigeria, but the group retains control over some villages and pockets of territory and continues to launch deadly suicide attacks and abduct civilians, mostly women, and children.

Boko Haram threat in the Lake Chad Basin region, affected countries must address the root causes that contributed to the emergence of the group, including the social, economic, and political grievances of marginalized communities, the top United Nations political affairs official said today.



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