Brad Raffensperger Children: Meet Brad Raffensperger’s Only Son Late Brenton Jay Raffensperger

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Brenton Jay Raffensperger is the late son of American politician, businessman, and civil engineer, serving as the Secretary of State of Georgia since 2019, Bradford Jay Raffensperger and his wife Tricia Raffensperger.

According to Brad’s Wikipedia page, he and his wife Tricia have three children. However, there is no information on who the other children are.

Brad’s son Brenton died of a Fentanyl overdose in 2018.

Brad did speak about the death of his son, explaining that his late son struggled with — among other things — addiction and a cancer diagnosis.

Brad also said that the experience of navigating that personal tragedy similarly helped him in his career especially after he was persuaded by Donald trump to change the vote count in Georgia in Trump’s favor.


Tricia Raffensperger and Brad Raffensperger
Tricia Raffensperger and Brad Raffensperger
Image Source: AP Photo

President Donald Trump lost the election, and lost Georgia, to challenger Joe Biden and after the loss, Trump refused to accept defeat and made false claims of fraud.

As a result, Trump launched a protracted campaign to overturn the election results and keep himself in power, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

As part of this campaign, Trump made a recorded phone call on January 2, 2021, in which he attempted to persuade Brad to change the vote count in Georgia in Trump’s favor.

However, Brad resisted pressure from Trump, and claimed that the outgoing president’s claims were based on falsehoods.

But Tricia Raffensperger told Reuters in an exclusive interview that her husband, herself and their family received threats of violence months after the election that former President Donald Trump falsely claims was riddled with fraud.

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