Brave But ’Coward’ Juliet Ibrahim Deletes LGBTQI Advocacy Instagram Post (Photo)

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Ghanaian celebrated screen goddess, Juliet Ibrahim, has surprisingly deleted her Instagram post made earlier in support of the LGBTQI which has become a topic of discussion in Ghana.

The LGBTQI group in Ghana has of February 2021 begun opening offices in some part of the nation’s capital. This raised a red flag as the majority of the Ghanaian populace speak against it. To some, it is against the religion of Christianity and Islam which is the two major religions in the country.

Juliet Ibrahim

According to another school of thought, LGBTQI is against the cultural values of the country and the law of the land. However, some people have argued that LGBTQI people have rights and must enjoy their human rights.


The Ghanaian and Lebanese descent, Juliet Ibrahim in a long Instagram post unleashed her anger on Ghanaians who are against the legalization of the LGBTQI. However, the actress has deleted the post she made earlier with reasons best known to her.

Check out the post she made.

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