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Brianna Kupfer: Who Is The Woman Killed At Hancock Park Furniture Store?

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Brianna Kupfer is the 24-year-old woman who was killed in the 300 block of North La Brea Avenue in Hancock Park on the afternoon of Thursday, Jan 13 2022.

Surveillance video show what appears to be a tall, slender man wearing black clothes and a white N95 mask walking away from the scene.

Investigators believe that the man came into the store when Brianna Kupfer was alone.

image via: foxla.com

LAPD Detective Herman Frettlohr said in an afternoon press conference that the victim was at the store by herself when she was attacked and killed by the suspect, who was last seen going out the back of the store, heading northbound through an alley.


Shedding more light on prospective suspects, detective Herman Frettlohr of the LAPD said;

“There was one additional person in there: the suspect. No other witnesses or customers were in the store at the time.”

Brianna Kupfer was identified by the Los Angeles Police Department at the scene and she died at the scene of the fatal assault.

Brianna Kupfer was an employee of a furniture store in Hancock Park.



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