Brymo Talks About Past Relationship with Popular Married Lawmaker


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In a surprising revelation, controversial artist Brymo has confessed to being involved romantically with a married lawmaker from the Niger State House of Assembly.


Sharing his story via social media, Brymo disclosed previously undisclosed aspects of his life, detailing a hidden relationship with the female politician despite her marital commitments.

Describing their connection as extending beyond mere friendship, Brymo openly discussed intimate encounters between them.

He recounted being invited by the politician to perform at her sister’s wedding, only to find another artist present, whose identity he opted to keep confidential.



Despite their alleged private liaisons, Brymo expressed hesitation in fulfilling the lawmaker’s subsequent request to perform for her husband.

However, he acknowledged receiving generous compensation for his services, both on and off the stage.

Admitting to being paid twice after impressing the lawmaker during their encounters, Brymo’s candid disclosure has sparked public interest and raised questions about the dynamics of power and influence in personal relationships.

This revelation sheds light on the complexities of human connections and the blurred lines between public image and private affairs.


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