Burna Boy Gets Customized Doritos Chips Snack (VIDEO)


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Burna Boy has gotten a customized popular American snack, Doritos, with his name branded on their pack.


Burna Boy

The African Giant got a branded nacho cheese pack of the snack a while ago. He stood in disbelieve as he looks at the pack with his crew, debating on if it’s really the real popular brand or not.


It has not yet been announced if the branded version of the Grammy award winner will be out in the Nigerian or even the African markets for sale. However, fans are hoping that Frito-Lay, producers of Doritos will take that into consideration.

According to sources, Burna Boy got this huge ‘deal’ because of his association with Pepsi, which is the mother company of Frito-Lay.

Burna is a Pepsi ambassador who has been seen in several adverts with other reputable people in the society promoting the brand. The most popular advert was the one with football personalities Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba.



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